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Hey Friendship Family! Things are continuing to wind down for the Tates here in Springfield, MO. Our oldest son Isaiah (16) is on a mission trip with his youth group in Trinidad, while we’re here finalizing everything with our house. This Sunday will be our final one at High Street, and I will be preaching. It will be an emotional day for our entire family, for sure! So if you think of us, please pray for us!
This week I thought I would share a few photos of significant, historical spots for us in Springfield. The first photo is Baptist Bible College, which brought both Annette & me to Springfield back in 1995 (from Kansas & Ohio, respectively). We were just kids back then! Photo #2 is South Side Baptist Church, our church during college and the location of our 1999 wedding (aka the original #tate2). The third photo is High Street Baptist Church, the church that brought us back to Springfield all these years later and has been the most like home! Springfield may be the birthplace of Bass Pro Shops, Route 66, Brad Pitt, and cashew chicken, but to us it will always be the birthplace of the #tate6pack and the place our family has grown the most!
Hope y’all have a great week!

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The Countdown is On

Andrew gives us a brief update on their transition to South Carolina. This is the first of his weekly post sharing their progress and something that God has laid on his heart. 

This Sunday, May 26th, Keith will give a more detailed schedule of their transition and arrival. Also, Andrew will be continuing our series in the book of Mark by way of video. 


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