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Senior Pastor Search Update

185! Can you believe it? As of Monday, February 4, 185 resumes were submitted for the Senior Pastor position. The number is still growing!  Our consultant, Brian Dunks, and the team at Vanderbloemen Search Group, have completed their review of all resumes submitted. As well as, most of the telephone screening calls of qualified candidates. They are in the progress of conducting a more in-depth phone interviews with the most qualified candidates. The next step in the process is for Brian to personally spend an hour to an hour and thirty minutes with each candidate exploring their ministry track, theology, strengths, weaknesses, passions, etc. to determine if they are a good fit for Friendship.

On Sunday March 3, Brian will be speaking at both services. Afterwards, he will spend the afternoon with the Senior Pastor Search Team. He will present to the team the slate of six to eight potential candidates, along with a package of materials on each one. Each member will receive the candidates’ resumes, interview summary, introduction video, personality test results and links to their sermons. The team will send the week praying and reviewing each candidate. At the end of the week they will submit their ranking of each candidate. On March 10, they will meet again to review the rankings and select their top candidates for further consideration. They will begin to conduct interviews with each top candidate prior to inviting them to spend a weekend with us.

The Pastor Search Team members are:

Jeff Carraway                               Terry Rhodes                    

Shannon Fike                               Todd Sanders

Dana Fleming                               Ben Stewart

Tommy Morgan                          Robin Storey

Frank Morrison                           Shawn Sullivan

Kalena Reeves                             Brian Tolbert

Will Reeves


Please continue to pray for our church, each member of the search team and our next Senior Pastor. Also, pray for the church they will be leaving.

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