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Group Bible Study Tool

One way to read & study the Bible with others

We need God's Word to grow in our knowledge and understanding of Him, and to grow in Christ-likeness. This involves reading and studying the Bible. Here is a simple tool to help you engage Scripture in a group with others.

Simply read through a passage of Scripture (maybe 10-15 verses), then consider the following questions. Then take some time to discuss your responses. The beauty of this approach (sometimes called the Swedish method) is the mutual discovery and discussion that takes place, which builds our engagement with Scripture and our connection with one another.

What “shined” through or stuck out the most to me?

-something new or fresh that impacted me

Did this raise any questions? 

-anything difficult to understand, something I might ask the writer or the Lord about

Where do we see Jesus here? 

-what helped me to see Jesus or his cross, or moves me to love him more

What is the Spirit leading me to do in obedience?

-a specific, personal application for this week

What is something to share? 

-with a believer/unbeliever, friend or relative

Why are these verses in the Bible?

-what was God’s purpose in putting this in his book?

-what might the Bible lose without this passage?

“We multiply the riches when we read and share the Bible together.” -MARSHALL SEGAL