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Life in Christ

Grow spiritually


Life in Christ is about beginning and growing in a relationship with God. It has to do with finding your identity in Him more than in your family, your job, your hobbies, your personality, or anything else. This is about growing "to be conformed to the image of his Son," Jesus (Romans 8:29). In other words, it's about becoming more like Christ as you grow spiritually.

WHAT STEPS CAN I TAKE TO grow spiritually IN christ?

There are many ways to grow spiritually, including engaging in community and living on mission. However, here are a few big steps you can take in your journey of faith: beginning a relationship with God (salvation), taking your first big step of obedience (baptism), and developing regular habits to help you grow (spiritual habits).

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SALVATION: This is the first step: beginning a relationship with God. It’s a fundamental surrender of your entire self to God. It’s not about doing good or being good enough to please God. It’s about what Jesus has done on your behalf, in your place, to rescue you, and you trusting in Him alone to forgive you and free you. If you're new to God, church, or the Bible, start here!

BAPTISM: This is about our obedience to God and identification with Him. To be baptized is to make a public declaration to the world that you are a new creation! It says that you have put your trust in Christ, He has forgiven you and made you new, and now you live to follow and please Him.

SPIRITUAL HABITS: This is about our everyday habits that help us grow spiritually. We all have habits in our lives, whether good or bad, big or small. It's been estimated that we spend half our days on "auto-pilot," doing things out of habit without even thinking about them. Because that is true, it's important that we develop good, healthy, consistent spiritual habits that help us to live rightly and grow in our faith.

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