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Engage in covenant community

What is Partnership?

Partnership is about your commitment to God’s Church. It is what many churches (ours included) have historically called "membership." There is nothing inherently wrong with that terminology, but we prefer the image of partnership. Membership carries the idea of "paying dues" and receiving benefits in return, while Partnership is more about shared commitment and shared responsibility. For example, you’re a member of a country club or a wholesale club, but a partner to your spouse, your teammates, or your co-workers. When you become a gospel partner, you declare that you are all in, with all that you have. This includes your time (faithfully engaged in the life of the church), talent (using your gifts, abilities to serve others), and treasure (generous with your financial and material resources).

When joining a church, it is totally understandable to have a season of "checking it out" and getting a feel for its teaching, culture, and direction. But there comes a point when, if you’re going to continue to grow, you must commit. Like a dating relationship, there needs to come a point where you stop dating and commit to your partner. This is the time of moving beyond a short-term, pleasurable relationship and into committed, covenant relationship.

I thank my God in all my remembrance of you... because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.


Pre-requisites for Partnership:

  • SALVATIONI have expressed personal faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord & Savior.
  • BAPTISMI have followed the Lord in believer’s baptism.
  • NEW TO FRIENDSHIP LUNCH. I have attended a New to Friendship lunch (if within one year of becoming a regular attender of Friendship).
  • PARTNERSHIP CLASS & COVENANT. I have attended a Partnership class, and I have read and agreed to the Partnership Covenant.
  • PASTORAL INTERVIEW. I will meet with the pastor(s) to share my Gospel story (how I came to faith in Christ & his work in my life since) and to discuss our mutual desire for partnership.
  • PRESENTATION TO CHURCH BODY. During a weekly worship gathering, I (and my family, if applicable) will be presented to the church and agree to covenant together as partners in the gospel.